brown state of mind is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to showcasing and shedding light on all artists of color through journalism, community, & unconditional intentions to forward the culture.


We create opportunities for musicians to showcase their talent. We collaborate with musical artists and link musicians with resources for advancing their careers.

We provide a platform for artists of all mediums. We book artists, connect artists with galleries and collectors, and help artists apply for grants and residencies.

We are a brand that incorporates a wide variety of influences. We curate an eclectic and cohesive array of art. This approach offers us the ability to influence culture in a unique way. 


Co-founded by artists Adrian Armstrong and Akili Humphrey in June 2017,

Brown State of Mind is a steadily growing lifestyle brand and creative agency for creatives of color. We are dedicated to the advancement of creatives of color and their ideas by providing opportunities and linking artists with resources. Our vision is just beginning.


Photos by Ivan Alonso

Joining the Team

We are always looking to add creative and innovative people to the team. We have a need for all types of minds and voices. Let us know how you want to contribute!

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