Black History Project 3


February 24, 2018

Black History project 3 presented by Brown State of Mind x Human Influence is the freshest way to discover new up and-coming black artists based in Texas. In remembrance of the incredible achievements throughout African American history, both organizations are dedicated to sharing their platform with Austin’s future influencers in art on this glorious Saturday night. We invite you and friends to come and join us for one night as we prepare to be dazzled by the amazing artists of Texas. Thank you to our sponsors @eastciders and @sixsquareatx


visual Artists Featured

Ariel Austin

Adrian Armstrong 

Aimée Everett 

Mike Melinoe 

Dawn Okoro 

Rex Hamilton

Levi Thompson

Amani Williams 


Lakeem Wilson 

Chanel Alderman

Cindy Elizabeth

Performances by

Chucky BLK

Nikki Patterson





DJ Sets by Foray and Craig MLK