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Artist of the month: Nadia Waheed

As fate would have it, we came across into Nadia’s work at Bolm Studios during the East Austin Studio Tour and immediately became mesmerized. 

Nadia is a visual artist from many different places. Her bold and original work is an ever-evolving expression of her process of uncovering self. 

flora sound 3.png

Flora Sound: Poolboi Blu

It's at this special time of year when cold days are passed with close friends and family as a source of warmth. But on exceptionally cold days, there's still those lingering thoughts about summertime and warmer days spent at cookouts and chilling by the pool.

Here to satisfy that subtle but ever-present desire to flashback to the warmth of summer is none-other than @poolboiblu . His smooth, skillfully curated mix with it's indie and hip-hop sensibilities is exactly what you're looking for.

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