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Artist of the Month

Chi Ndika

Chi Ndika is all about textures. An ice cream maker and food aficionado, Chi started using avocado to fatten homemade ice cream as a response to her mother’s dietary restrictions. Now, Chi, her mother and her sister, sell vegan ice cream to Austinites across the city - working cleverly to retain classic textures while incorporating new and fresh flavor combinations. We met with Chi at Cosmic Cafe on a warm October evening to discuss psychology degrees, oatmeal mouthfeel, and the technicalities of commercial cooking.


BSoM Reviews


The 8-man Austin-based juggernaut has perfected their musical identity and it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. I’ve been fortunate to watch PNTHN undergo many changes over the last couple of years. The group’s success has been partially attributable to their independent DIY approach to the business of their music. The first PNTHN show I attended featured homemade T-shirts and homemade tacos in the back of a thrift store in San Marcos almost two years ago to the date.