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poetry submissions

We want to be a platform for all types of creative work. If you’re a poet, we want to welcome you to submit a piece or two you’ve written.

We will be curating a collection of poems that get submitted, which will then be published in a section under our media page. Not all entries submitted will be selected or featured on the website, but we encourage you to keep creating and sharing your art!

Read the selected poems so far here.


Artist of the month: Neena Buxani

To end our month with a bang, we got to meet with Neena Buxani (@neenasart), a prolific painter and certified gemologist from the South Texas border. She discussed the intersection of American, Indian, and Mexican cultures, immigration, our connections to the city of Tucson, and living out her dreams all while raising her two sons.

flora sound 1.png

Flora Sound:
le naturel

We’re launching into the weekend with a new series to highlight the craft of DJ mixing. Love to Le Naturel to starting this series off right!

Follow him at @xlenaturel



We want to provide creatives with opportunities to showcase their talents.

We're available to help curate art experiences and assist with branding directed toward specific demographics, securing venues, sponsorships, and much more! If you'd like to vend for our future events, click the button below.


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