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Artist of the month: arturo rodriguez

Arturo β€œArt” Rodriguez is a photomanipulator and 3D photoshopping artist from Central Texas.

His patent approach to art is marked by an increasing curiosity that often takes the shape of it most recent medium, reaching out and grabbing forth into new modes of artistry.

flora sound 5.png

Flora Sound: dj Kahlu

ife is funny - as beautiful as it can be, it also has a way of leaving us content with the elements we're accustomed to. And even if these elements are wonderful and provide us with everything we need, we can't hope to fully experience life without venturing in different directions from time to time.

Flora Sound No. 5 is special in the sense that it was joyfully curated by @djkahluofficial, Rain and Academia's resident DJ who has been bringing her brand of apologetically high-energy dance pop and electronic music to the heart of downtown Austin for more than a min now.

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