One last try

Am I still your Princess of the night
Am I still the Queen of your days
Am I still the Goddess who can melt all your stress away

Or was I ever
Because time is a concept we never
Quite mastered in past lives
Doomed to provide
Promises of forever and temporary goodbyes
Who sings the villain a lullaby
Praying for the sinner in me who connives
To seek happiness no matter the price
Because it's a sin to want to win in a morally corrupt world of mistakes and gin
But how can I not when you're the yang to my yin
Can't allow the space between us to grow too fast a pace , why the haste ? 
Leaving so quickly after I've only had a taste of your ethereal nature
How sweet is pleasure how addictive is pain
Sometimes it's soft as a misting rain
Sometimes it's rough as my edges
Not wanting to be my only , not wanting to be mine "soul-ly" ( solely ) 
Or so part of you alleges

I see a future with the fruit between my thighs
Exciting and calm rollercoaster rides
Into euphoric purple bliss , sensual lilac kiss
Let's not wait til the water runs dry
Nah , let's not repeat past lives
Open your third eye
It's not hard to see we were meant to be
I walk the brush trail to the center of your meaning
down the mountain peak to your hardened being
Coils of darkness, don't leave me heartless
walked the thin line of love and lust
Tripped up
Slipped up
Falling down will you catch me
Only to leave me back where you found me
Can you see this life without me
Apologize for the self centered nature
But I fell in love with your nomenclature
Heart of a Logophile
My flower garden you took care to not defile
Rather , you watered with your essence in pursuit of our child

The Prodigy's Son
The Prince of the Sun
Princess of the Night
Holy trinity of all things born of darkness and light

Past and Future collide
To a chance meeting on an electronic device
The irony of our electricity is not lost on me
Creativity flowing boundlessly
Blue waves and pink skies
Meet at the horizon between our thighs
Blessed with one last try
To break cycles of past lives
Take my hand, dive
Down the rabbit hole we go
Don't be late for tea time.


by Salvatore Almenas


Eileen Wu