Not Your Señorita

I am not your señorita
your order of brown carnitas
your Mexican Spitfire with fruit on my head.

Not your serrano, habanero or poblano con extra sass
pero fuck with me and I’ll ghost pepper your ass.

I’m not some aztec princess
but I’ll rip your heart out in an instant
if you ask me why I’m brown you pinche pendejo slice of white bread.

I’m not a "crazy latina" 
like your friends warned you about
But I will strangle you with a cortina
if you call me crazy out loud. 

Calladito te miras mas bonito.
Menos pendejito.

No soy princesa pero I am….a queen. 
Una reina...tranquila…hecho de agua bendita
of sweet incense smells, de copal with a hint...of tamal.


by Diana Gomez


Eileen Wu