Rents due
3600 hundred dollars out my pocket
And I can’t
Figure stress and struggle make twigs bend and don’t break
Little nappy nazarite long locs Locked around love in the form of Delilah’s hand
Demons whisper to trade bible for bullet
33 the full amount that pack chambers of sacrifice
Little boys run through doubles mirrors
Fighting the reflection of child staring at man
What’s this
Broken mirrors burst with pride
Before falls
I collapsed
Trading bibles for blunts hoping to pack a swisher sweet with anthrax and anxiety
Knowing that heaven lays at the end of my life’s sunset
Trying to dream of home before long car rides
The look undesirable
I hate em
The finger around a trigger is taking to long
Make sure to pack the Bible bullets and the same blunt I bet my life on
Koolaide packets
Balogna sandwiches
A picknick blanket
Bases cover and I don’t know if I should steal home or wait for a base hit
But felonies seem familiar as the confessionals I write in the darkness under a blind moon
Listening to screams coming from walls that read county
I’m not even from this real county
I know the system is still counting
43 out of 100 of us will see these same walls
But in these walls I fell in cover I found shelter
Beating fist against brick I learned determination
Animals backed into a corner have no choices
And i fell in line with a destiny destined before I was born
I was a statistic
I fullfilled my obligation
I don’t owe you nothing more but a nod to your worries and a prayer
But your love will chill the air that wraps around my lifeless body
I’ll let you be a judge
I’ll play executioner


by Daniel Crawford


Eileen Wu