Mating Season

Do you remember that feeling?
You know, the feeling of butterflies, reminding us that we are still human.
For along time I escaped from emotion and with that the feeling became dormant.

But just like that, with a flick of the switch, a light was turned on
My heart had awoken, I could once again, feel
The sense of nervousness and excitement, I couldn’t tell the difference, 
Traveling from my subconscious, To my neurons and Down my axis
Entering The pit of my stomach, The tingling sensations just beginning
Like little flutters of butterflies, Who have awoken
And for the first time are seeing light, After emerging from their cocoon
The butterfly is free from captivity, And can now enjoy life

Just like the caterpillar, I Too was held captive
No I wasn’t stuck in a cocoon, But I was at a halt in life
I was alone, In This world of persons with no intellect
No one that can read my Mind, You know that one person whom yet is different
But still shares your mindset, And with that the two of your minds, Combine
No not forming on, One must never conform
But instead working together through life, As if in a trance
The way you and her shared the first dance
Where there is only your mind and her mind, No others exist
No laws, no chaos, nothing that mattered before the two of you met
When your minds had collide and souls intertwined
Where the figments of your imaginations wonder across an endless plain where there is no relativity of time

The outside world, They cannot intrude
Instead the feelings between the both of you
Only protrude, Touching each soul who comes into contact with you
Giving each person a brief sense of the passion and the connection that the two of you share
The intensity of your love burning so bright, the two of you will never be lost again for you are each other’s personal sos, your hearts are the never ending flare
Because of this timeless fire between your souls, darkness may surround you at times but unlike others who crumble and give in to fear, you’ll stay strong from the strength of your partner, never again to be scared

- Andreau


by James Kenney


Eileen Wu