Only a Matter of Time

You are my fire flower
Make a single second
Feel like I've been lost
In you for hours
I want to roll
And smoke you up
Hold you like my breath
At the bottom of my lungs
Let you sit until
We mix existence
Go blue in the face
Before I ever blow you away
Exhaling what's left
Of the last kiss you gave me
It's already gone from memory
Can you blame me?
When life goes from
Making you happy
To not making you angry
I guess that's just
The nature of the beast
Sometimes love is the animal
Eating all of our fear
And sometimes
We're so scared we might lose it
We make any excuse to do it
Sooner than later
Because not knowing
Makes us feel like
We have no control
So we'd rather wreck the boat
Then sail a relationship
To a place we've never been
Like Healthy and Happy
Could never be roommates
At least that's what the past says
It said that only once
And we've echoed it ever since
Instead of listening to the voices
That told us to let go
And forgive ourselves
For the mistakes we made
The chances we didn't take
For the pain we lived with
And the scabs we can't help but peel
Heal has always been
A foreign lengua
And your heart I feel
Like it was inevitable


by DCR Daniel C. Ramos


Eileen Wu