Each one teach one.

We want to build and strengthen each other by sharing expertise with one another. If you have expertise that you would like to share, submit a Course Application for consideration to teach in Brown State University’s 2020 semester.

NOTE: Teaching a Brown State University course is a rigorous and unpaid position, focused around community self-empowerment. You will undergo a mandatory in-person instructor training period. Learning opportunities for our community will depend on your weekly reliability. We encourage self-motivated, consistent, trustworthy and passionate applicants to submit ideas.

Each submission is regarded as an application to be an instructor for a course. The deadline to submit a Course Application is Friday, Nov. 15, at 3:00 PM CDT. You are permitted to submit as many course ideas as you would like to. Thanks for being a part of Brown State of Mind!

We believe that education can transform a community and that an in-person, quality education should be accessible to all. Last year’s Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin” award-winning classes featured courses taught by UT faculty members, community activists, and local artists. This year’s classes will be taught by local artists, local business owners, cultural archivists and one UT faculty affiliate.

Donations to help offset production costs are welcome! Feel free to donate to our Venmo @brownstateofmind

*To complete your application, please submit a 6-week Syllabus Draft to brownstateofmind17@gmail.com. Each class session should include a 30-word thematic description, outline the necessary materials, propose a meeting time, and list assignments. No Course Application will be considered without a full syllabus draft.

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